Dear Potential Client,

Our research tells us that 65 percent of our customers call because of previous work or a personal referral.  We are particularly proud of this because we see that our commitment to doing the job right the first time is the correct premise to build our business on.  We understand that if you are satisfied with your completed project you will tell a neighbor or a friend. If you are dissatisfied you will tell 10.

Our roofing professionals are continuously being trained on products and practices to ensure that you are not only getting the benefit of our 25 years of experience but are also getting the latest installation techniques as well as the most innovative, but proven, products available.  It is this commitment to training and excellence that sets our representatives apart from our competitors.

As you venture through the roof purchase process ask yourself “What am I getting for my money?”  If at the end of that process you cannot answer that question with: The best roof for the price I am willing to pay backed by a company that has been proven to stand behind the installation warranty which will ensure long term security for my family and my home, then you are buying from the wrong company.  Any roofing company can try to sell you a roof.  We want to provide you a solution.

Our commitment to you is that we will provide you with the information and expertise to ensure that you have the opportunity to make the right choice for your roofing needs.  If you chose to utilize our services you will have a team of professionals dedicated to providing you with the best products, with the best warranty, for a competitive price while enjoying the best possible customer service experience.  We not only want your business now but we want it 20 years from now.



carlos yanez
Austin- Texas



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